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Reel Rookie

only one OAN channel working out of two

I subscribe to the OAN channel.  there are actually two choices, live and older material/shows.  I get the live feed fine but cannot get into the older show material at all without being asked to sign up.  I contacted OAN about this and they said it was a ROKU issue.  So here I am contacting ROKU to find out why I only received one OAN channel when I subscribe to the service.,

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Re: only one OAN channel working out of two


There are two (2) One America News channels available in the Roku Channel Store.

OAN Live (direct subscription to OAN)


One America  News Network OAN (purchased through Roku) 



You can see them both here. (

Are you sure you installed the correct one for your subscription?

As an FYI, I subscribed to OAN through KlowdTV so always an option for you as well.  Their OAN deal is 2.50/mo and allows access to past shows as well. (

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Re: only one OAN channel working out of two

Hey there @loki6, as mentioned by @AvsGunnar, we recommend making sure you are trying to access the correct channel for your subscription. If you are still having trouble though, we are more than happy to help and investigate further to see why you can't access your paid subscription content. Feel free to either reply to this message or send us a private message directly. We're happy to help! 

Reel Rookie

Re: only one OAN channel working out of two

On the Roku site, I pull up each OAN channel.  The live channel says that I am subscribed to it.  The general OAN channel gives me the option to cancel the channel.  It appears that I should have both channels based on the options presented..  It still appears that I should have both channel options but still only have access the the live stream 

This should not be rocket science.  If Roku cannot work this out then I might as well cancel what they are providing to me and resubscribe at another source. 

Thanks for all the comments but the ball appears to be in Roku's court for now.  If nothing changes, then I will be forced to resubscribe elsewhere.

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