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listening to e-books via Roku?

Hi -

does anyone know of a way to play audio e-books on my TV via Roku?  I have in mind specifically Amazon Kindle audible versions of books, but I'd welcome any suggestions as far as other audio versions of e-books.

Background to question: I find myself listening to some tunein podcasts in the background on my tv, and I also spend a bit of time reading books on my phone.  But I'm not very technical and don't know how to manipulate this or that file to play back in this or that way.  For example, even though I've now purchased one or two Amazon audible books, I'll be darned if I can figure out how to play them in my vehicle.  Considering that Amazon makes it easy to play back videos and music via Roku, I'm wondering if they or others have gotten around to making it easier to play back spoken audio files for books.

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Re: listening to e-books via Roku?

Hello  @jlsoaz

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

Roku devices are designed for video streaming and don't support playing audio e-books at this time. You might try to play Audible books on your Android device, then it will be mirrored onto your Roku device as an alternate option. More info on this link: How to screen mirror your Android™ or Windows® phone to your Roku® streaming device 



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Re: listening to e-books via Roku?

Listening to e-books via Roku can revolutionize the way we consume literature. With this innovative approach, we can seamlessly integrate storytelling into our entertainment experiences. If you're interested in crafting a compelling problem statement, I recommend referring to this informative resource: Embrace the convenience and versatility of e-books on Roku, opening up a world of literary exploration through the power of audio.



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