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Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Roku should be paying more, if anything, for the emerging service provider leader. Ditto the Netscape comparison. 


Re: Youtube TV

YES I have been using Roku and YouTubeTV for years!. If they delete the channel I WILL NOT buy another ROKU device again


Re: YouTube TV Contract Dispute

I currently have 5 Roku enabled TV's. YouTube TV allowed me to cut the cord from the madness of Cablevision. I work in the the media/technology industry. Your squabble is inevitably going to have people running back to Cablevision, Comcast, et al just for stability. 

Freedom & cost savings was the draw. Both seem to be drying up fast. Roku and YouTube will continue on just fine........consumers will take the hit. Either we can't find a streaming package that carries the programing we want or a streaming system that carries the service we want. 

Just for texture: the programming I watch is far more important than the streaming technology I watch it on. What got Roku and YouTube here was about saving money - plain and simple. Lose sight of that and you have nothing to sell. 


Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

I agree completely. I like You Tube Tv very much and have a preference for Ruku box over Apple Tv. If Roku decides not to carry the You Tube TV app, I will then have to switch completely to another device. A negotiation means both sides have to give a little and then everyone benefits. Please find a way.


Why is Roku canceling you tube tv on Roku tv for ??

Why is You Tube TV being Canceled on Roku TV for ? I'm not happy with this at all I love You Tube TV and want it to stay on Roku please. If you cut You Tube Tv off Roku TV Roku tv will lose a long time customer like me so please dont cut off you tube tv or their will be customers leaving Roku all together and take our business elsewhere so you want to lose lot of money Roku that's all on you I can take my business and my money elsewhere 


Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Reel Rookie

Re: YouTube TV Contract Dispute

At least you found out BEFORE you bought.  I just paid $1500 for a TCL 75”.  YouTube TV is one of the main apps that I use.

These rights disputes are costing me more than fees!

Roku and YouTube TV please work this out.

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

The email I got from YouTube was that it was Rokus decision not to renew the existing terms. Roku is super antiquated already, just another reason to lose confidence in the brand. 

Re: Roku and YouTubrTv

I sadly agree. 

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

@Wtm3 wrote:

I agree 100%.... I currently stream YouTube TV on my Amazon firestick in my living room, and Roku in bedroom. Guess I’ll just have to buy another firestick for bedroom.

YouTube TV is no longer on that Roku device? Really? When did that happen?

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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