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Binge Watcher

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

I am so upset by this!!! I have 7 devices and YouTube is the only network streaming service I can use. Hulu scammed me for 2 years and kept charging under fictitious names until both myself and credit card company threatened to sue. I cannot go back to them. I have zero other options. I will have to sell all my Roku devices and buy different ones. I have no idea what to do about this. I am sooooooo angry. And can you call Roku? No. Of course not. Take your money and screw you over!


Believe me, I will be urging everyone on Facebook and Twitter to abandon Roku. This is not acceptable. You buy your devices with the assumption major streaming services will work on them.




Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

I cut the cable cord years ago and went with YouTube TV.  All of my devices are Roku... If they get rid of the APP, it's going to be expensive to replace all of my devices.  I hope they come to an agreement.

Reel Rookie

Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Ditto.  Suddenly the my wonderful 85" Hisense ROKU tv will be worthless IF ROKU disallows YouTube TV.  Oh... and my other two Hisense ROKU tv's also.   Guess I will have to get some of those small windows computers as dedicated streaming devices for all of my tv's...   and in a few years ROKU will go the way of Netscape or Lotus 123.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: YouTube TV Contract Dispute

@tmk5219 wrote:

So, I think your speaking for me. I was heading out this weekend to pick up devices for my camper. I just read this and lunch and came to a hault.

Whatever you decide to do, only do it after carefully considering all the alternatives, both for hardware and for services.

If you lock in to a single device, you run the risk of losing access to certain services in the event of a contract dispute. This an example of that. So, look carefully at all your options, or be like me and have multiple.

Don't make the mistake of locking yourself into a single service, either. When that service raises prices, and if you feel that you must stay, you'll simply pay more money. That's what cable did to you for years. Don't get trapped.

There are many services available that can offer what you want. Don't lock into a single one. Shop around and be prepared to switch if you find a better deal. It's a lot cheaper to switch services and still watch what you want than it is to invest in all new hardware.

Shop around. Look at all your options. Then get what's best for you.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Re: Roku and YouTubeTv

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Roku Guru

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

Based on an article in Ars Technica, part of the issue is that Google wants to force devices support their AV1 codec. That requires hardware support, which would raise prices. What is hilarious is that the latest Roku Ultra does support it, but NO Chromecast does.

Channel Surfer

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

What are you afraid of? Why is watching Youtube such an issue for you? 

Binge Watcher

Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Roku needs to get this taken care of NOW!

Channel Surfer

Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

@DBDukes wrote:

Have either one of you considered telling Google to keep their app on Roku?

Just received this email from Google:

"Our goal with YouTube TV is to offer you the content you love, delivered in the way you want — including on all of your favorite devices. To make this happen, we enter into agreements with partners in order to enable access to YouTube TV via different devices.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have been unable to reach an agreement with Roku. We continue to offer Roku the opportunity to renew the YouTube TV deal under the existing, reasonable terms.

If you are not currently using Roku, you should not have any issues. For our Roku users, as we send this, you still have access to YouTube TV on Roku devices; however, Roku may choose to remove the YouTube TV app from their devices. We encourage Roku to continue providing the YouTube TV app for our mutual users.

Should Roku decide to remove the YouTube TV app from their platform, you can still cast to your Roku device from your mobile device, tablet, or computer by following these simple steps. You can also continue to access the app using all of the devices listed here.

In light of Roku’s current stance, we encourage you to reach out to their customer support team to request they keep YouTube TV on Roku devices here or tweet @roku.

We are committed to ensuring our members continue to have access to YouTube TV and will continue advocating on behalf of our members. For further updates on this issue and our efforts to resolve it, please visit this website."


Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

I agree but I've bought the stupid ROKU TV's!!!!!!

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