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YouTube TV not working

YouTube TV channel keeps causing my TCL Roku TV to re-boot upon selection. I have tried removing the channel, re-starting, then adding the channel back and the same thing happens. Does anyone have ideas? It has worked flawlessly up until this point and works on all other roku streaming devices in the house.

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Roku Guru

Re: YouTube TV not working

There may be a version difference for both the YT app (highlight press the options (*) button) and Roku OS firmware (Settings/System/About) between the Roku TV and players.

Latest YT version for the 4K player models is 1.0.93000138 (for the non-4K players its 1.0.93000132)

Since both YT and YT TV share code, if you have the YT TV app too, then you need to remove BOTH YT and YT TV, restart, then re-add the apps back.

If youve havent already powered the Roku TV completely off (unplugged) for a few minutes, thats worth a try too, as well as switching between wired and wireless connectivity if possible.

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