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You tube doesn't launch only a black screen

I have a new Ruko Ultra 4800x software version 11.0.0 build 4193-C2. wired network Good (93 MBPS) all other channels load fine. Expect You Tube. (You Tube version 2.22 build 105005058) I tried removing the channel restarting Ruko before reinstalling the you tube channel. Checked for updates for both but no luck. 

It shows the you tube logo for two seconds then directly to a black screen. Nothing else until I hit the home button. I checked for updates. Restarted via software. Tried leaving the Ruko unplugged over night and reinstalled the channel the following day with the same results

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Roku Guru

Re: You tube doesn't launch only a black screen

You didnt mention the TV/display brand/model/firmware, or any of its HDMI/HDR port mode settings.

However, try the following:

1) Manually configure Display type:  Settings/Display type = 1080p TV (or 4K TV, etc) - do NOT use Auto - try again

2) Change audio to passthrough:  Settings/Audio/Digital output format = Passthough - try again

3) Enable/Disable framerate matching:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Advanced display settings/Auto-adjust display refresh rate = On (or Off if on) - try again

4) Try a different HDMI port/cable - try again

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