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Reel Rookie

Yellowstone Season 5 - Problem, Explanation, Problem

Like many, I was having trouble finding Yellowstone Season 5.  After much consternation, I came across this great article that offers and in-depth explanation as to what's going on.

This brings me to my new problem.  If you read the article (which I highly recommend), you will come to understand that you can only watch season 5 if you subscribe to one of the "Paramount Network" paid TV or streaming providers.

I subscribe to YouTube TV which is an approved paid provider.  However, when I try to follow the path to prove that I have a subscription to YouTube TV (username and password), once I click on YouTube TV as my provider, it will not accept the credentials that I put in.  I get an error message that says, "Error 403 - too many attempts", and I am locked out.  Further, it says that I can try again in "a week".  This is Bull****!

So, can anyone at Roku help me (and possibly others) fix this problem to where I can successfully enter my YouTube TV credentials as requested by Paramount Network so I can watch Yellowstone Season 5, and get on with my life??

Bottom line, this is very unethical what Paramount+ is doing.  This is a classic bait & switch technique.  They are getting people to sign up for the "paid" Paramount+ service (thinking they will be able to watch Yellowstone) all the while knowing that will never happen for them.  Paramount should somehow make it clear that new subscribers to Paramount+ will not be able to watch Yellowstone Season 5 before they sign up.

Paramount, you should be ashamed. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Yellowstone Season 5 - Problem, Explanation, Problem

Have you tried accessing Paramount WITHIN your YouTubeTV account rather than through Paramount's own app?

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Reel Rookie

Re: Yellowstone Season 5 - Problem, Explanation, Problem

Hi and thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have tried that.  Unfortunately, that is the 2nd problem listed in my original post.  I am not able to authenticate my YouTube TV subscription while trying to log into Paramount Network.  Interestingly though, I am able to successfully log into the Paramount Network app.

Thanks again,


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