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[SOLVED] - See bottom of this message for answer

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I have a brand new ROKU TV I bought 3 hours ago.

I signed into the XFINITY APP and verified it with the Passcode number seen on the TV screen. On my computer it said "SUCCESS". On my TV it switched over like normal. Then suddenly the XFINITY App says "Exit App / Sign Out",  those are my only choices.  The ERROR: TVAPP-0010 

I have to plug my older "ROKU ULTRA" into my brand new ROKU TV to watch the XFINITY APP.

I have no VPN. I flushed the DNS via computer. I restarted the TV. I turned off the TV and unplugged it, let it sit for a while. I checked for ROKU updates and XFINITY app update. I signed out I signed in. My router is fairly new (2022) from Xfinity and within 15 feet of the TV. It is 1GB/s speed and can handle 30 devices.

I have only one Xfinity account. 

If I cannot get this to work. I will have to return the TV back to the store and use the ROKU ULTRA on a different  New TV or go with Amazon FireStick.

[Solved - Answer]

Unbeknownst to me, my Google Chrome browser still had the old Username and Password of my Comcast account from 2003.  My current Xfinity account still uses the comcast email, but my wife changed it back in 2008. So it must be confusion of xfinity accounts. I can still log on Xfinity with that old Login account and see my bills and activity. I just cannot activate anything with it.

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