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Wrong episodes within a series

They show that they have all the episodes for season 1 but I found out that was a lie. They said they have the episodes with Tim Curry about a record company. It show that you have them but when you go to watch it they are not the episodes. The show is Wiseguy 

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Re: Wrong episodes within a series


The problem seems to be that Season 2 is missing the actual episodes 14-19. (S2ep14 And it Comes Out Here is the Tim Curry appearance).

As a result S2ep13 (Call it Casaba) is actually S2ep22,  As a result, a little jumbled with the wrong titles affixed to the episodes.

There are numerous free channels offering Wiseguy, but they are either all pulling from the same CDN (content delivery network) source, or something with the licensing for these episodes as none of them seem to have these missing episodes available for streaming.

Regarding Season 1, all the episodes are available on Peacock although they double listed S1ep13 twice, with two different episode names.  On the other available free channels, you are correct that they are missing an episode. (including Roku Channel).

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