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Hm, I just went and looked after your post and YouTube is still working here.

It does seem to me that youtube is one of the more fragile apps but as I recall that fragility long predates any dispute with google.  Also, Roku doesn't write or maintain that app (or most others.)

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Re: YouTube TV app no longer available

Why would I trust someone who issues a press release saying that it is not blocking regular YouTube to existing customers and then does exactly that?  Am I just Roku's lab rat?  You say Apple has "its own restrictions."  I don't know what those are, and it sounds like you can't name them and you're just pulling that from your talking points.  I'll move on to Apple as soon as I can.  I can't fight surveillance technology every time it screws me.  But I can do it some of the time.

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Re: YouTube TV app no longer available

I’m currently watching YouTube on my express 4K+ in my hotel. The hotel/dorm function isn’t working, but my phone hotspot is working fine. I watch YouTube virtually every day, using at least one of my Roku players. Roku is NOT blocking YouTube. Google is responsible for the functionality of the YouTube channel, and if it’s not working correctly it’s up to them to fix it. 


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Roku vs YouTube Tv and negotiations

This is December 1st; Can anyone report on the latest and most accurate status regarding Roku vs YouTube tv and YouTube app? YT is indicating that they are going to pull their app from Roku sometime within the next few days? I love Roku and use the Ultra and Premier platforms and have been using  these for several years. Different generations. But also I am a YT user- this is a typical case where the consumer is left out of any consideration.