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Why does Roku Channel buffer every literal 5 seconds?

This is driving me insane. Roku Channel is hands down the worst streaming service I have ever used. When I say it buffers ever 5 seconds I do indeed mean every 5 seconds. It plays a few seconds then freezes, then buffers, and when it finally unfreezes you find it's skipped forward so you've missed scenes. 5-10 more seconds and repeat. Everything else seems to work fine; and my other streaming apps never have this issue. I repeat; NEVER. I have seen a lot of the same complaints but zero solutions 😣

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Why does Roku Channel buffer every literal 5 seconds?

Hi @HMac0198,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We would like to know how to identify and resolve any playback issues. We recommend starting here to troubleshoot channel issues: Follow these steps in order:

  1. Navigate to the channel tile on the Roku home screen, press the * key on your remote, and choose 'Remove channel'.
  2. Next, restart your device from Settings>System>Power>System restart (If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step).
  3. Once your player/TV starts up again, go to 'Streaming Channels' on the Home screen, and add the channel back once more.

You may also refer to this link: How to resolve a channel playback issue | Official Roku Support

Please try doing this and see if it helps with what you're experiencing.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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