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When Cancellation of a Subscription, isn't Cancellation

Today I received notification that my Disney+ through Roku will be increasing in price next month. I also have ESPN+. For the same price I can change to a Disney Trio (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+) which Roku doesn't offer directly through their system. I have to sign up via either Disney or Hulu directly. I went into my Roku account and set both Disney+ and ESPN+ to not auto-renew. The problem is Roku considers this "cancellation". However, Disney/Hulu do not consider this cancellation, it is still an active subscription. Roku support is useless. Their foreign agents have no solution to actually fully cancel a subscription. If you ask for a supervisor they put you on a long hold, then come back on the line to tell you there are no supervisors that can speak to you because they are busy on the phone. If I had a dime for every time I was told "I want to inform you that your subscription will end on XYZ date." Which is not what I want because it prevents me from subscribing to the bundle I want until the date Roku ends the subscription. What a **bleep** system. Lesson learned, don't order paid channels direct through Roku. The off-shore support call center is so bad that we've decided to take a wide pass on Roku's Smart Home features.

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Re: When Cancellation of a Subscription, isn't Cancellation

Yes, I believe that’s the documented methodology of Roku subscriptions.  Ie: when you cancel, they don’t prorate/refund – they give you access until the end of the current billing cycle and then don’t renew it.

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