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What in the actual **bleep** Disney plus and funamation

This is absolutely crazy what do we have this thing for if we can’t use the apps we pay for funamation and Disney plus not being able to be watched for some weird ass reason and I’m now for certain that there are more apps doing this same weird **bleep** I think it need to be brought to you guys attention because this is insane I’m happy I have a game system I can watch my apps on with no problem but for others this is gonna be a pain in the ass for what ever dumb **bleep**ing reason this is happening. 

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Roku Guru

Re: What in the actual **bleep** Disney plus and funamation

While I don’t use those channels, I do see them listed in the channel store in the US.  Are you not finding them? (If so, possible reasons might be a location issue or an older Roku device) or are you getting some error when you run them?  If so, details may help someone give you some ideas.

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