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What happened to Touched by an Angel on the Roku Channel?

My wife and I were enjoying being able to watch the entire Touched by an Angel series on the Roku Channel - had gotten up to Season 3 and Episode 7, but last night when we tried to bring it up, the message stated it was temporarily unavailable or no longer available.  Anyone know what happened?  Beyond seeing that Paramount Plus has it included in one of its channels, I haven't been able to find an explanation.

Really hoping this is temporary and Roku Channel will put it back on.  We didn't watch it when it originally aired but found it about a month ago and have really enjoyed being able to watch it, without having to go to Amazon and buy the entire DVD series.

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Re: What happened to Touched by an Angel on the Roku Channel?


You know how movies and shows will appear and later disappear from Netflix? And Amazon Prime (free with Prime, then later you have to pay for it)? And other services? Same thing.

Usually it's related to streaming rights. Sometimes services will drop seldom watched content in favor of something that may attract more eyeballs. Sometimes, the content owner gets a better deal from another service. There are a number of reasons.

It being available on Paramount Plus may indicate the content creators/owners got a better deal. CBS Entertainment was one of the production companies, and they may be looking to bring more of their content in-house (Paramount Plus) and not renewing deals with other services. But it could be something else altogether.

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