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Weather Widget is good for one tv only?

After a year of seeing the weather widget advertisement every time I turned on my TV's I finally relented and paid the $9.99 hoping that would get rid of the advertisements. It works only with one screensaver and not others AND only on one tv even using the same screensaver. I just assumed that it would work with any screensaver and on all my TV's, but the ads still come up on my TV's. Also it displays very inaccurate weather for my zip code. Just curious about others experiences related to this. Is it supposed to work with all screensavers? Is it supposed to be per account and work on all tv's? If not I may try to get my money back because this is not worth it. Thanks

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Re: Weather Widget is good for one tv only?

I don't see anyway to contact them for a refund so I guess now I just have to eat the $10 and call it a day

All content purchases and subscriptions purchased outside of The Roku Channel are pre-paid, final, and non-refundable

Anyone know how to delete the weather widget and I'll just put up with having to hit my home screen every time I start a tv? Roku should take responsibility for this one since they let the advertisement take over my screen every single time I turn on the tv. This is poor customer service!!! I should be able to get a refund for this!

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Re: Weather Widget is good for one tv only?

I use one of the Roku clock screen savers since they have no ads.


Re: Weather Widget is good for one tv only?

I can’t figure out how to get it to work with another screensaver either which is unfortunate since I also chose the  lifetime purchase option and it seemed to give fairly accurate information for my location.  I had gotten used to looking at it quickly before sending the kids off to school with or without a jacket. I could keep the original screensaver but I’ve had enough of looking at winter snow scenes.