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Watch TCM not working...again.

What is going on with Watch TCM. Have not been able to log into my Watch TCM app for approximately 2-3 weeks now. It tells me to sign in, when I try to it flips by the page with the Code on it that you enter and constantly gives an error message like "...requested title in not available... different title." when you try to watch something on Watch Live or that "...your provider doesn't exist." How would it know if the provider exists or not if you can't sign in with the provided code because, once again, the page flips by without stopping and providing the code so you can enter it. This is not the first time this has happened on Roku. I have uninstalled and installed this app several times on my two devices over the last 2-3 week and still nothing works.

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Re: Watch TCM not working...again.


You didn't state the process you used to remove/reinstall the app. There is a proper method:

  1. Remove the app
  2. Reboot the Roku
  3. Reinstall the app

All three steps, in that order. Some will omit step 2. Some will do them out of order. Those don't count. Gotta be this way. 1,2,3.

Now, that still may not resolve, but this is a process that should be conducted, in case it does resolve it.

Note that sometimes apps give incorrect error text because of the nature of the error. "Provider doesn't exist" is poorly worded, but it seems to mean that it cannot find a provider to authenticate for the content. And, if you aren't logged in, that's true. It seems as if the error trapping isn't sufficient, and you're getting a non-specific error message that's not quite helpful.

The Watch TCM app is built by TCM. They built the process that interacts with the TV provider to authenticate. If it's giving bad results, it's because of the way the app is performing.

A remove/reboot/reinstall may help with that, but it's not guaranteed to resolve. But ensure you are properly past that step and see what happens.

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