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Watch TCM app stuck at spinning circle.

Sometime today the Watch TCM app decided to stop agreeing with me and/or my Roku Ultra; on startup, after the initial jingle and splash scroll, it stops at the logo screen and a spinning circle.  So far, at least, I haven't noticed any issues with any other channels/apps on the Roku (it's been fairly well-behaved, if occasionally a little laggy).  So, in order, I've

1. checked the app to make sure it was up to date (it is), and then

2. uninstalled and reinstalled the app and rebooted the Roku, with no change.

3. At about this point I discovered the preferred method of doing the above and uninstalled the app, rebooted the Roku, and then reinstalled the app--in that order--with, still, no change.

4. At this point I went scorched earth and factory reset the Roku entirely, then reinstalled the app once everything was back up and running.  And, change.

Am I still missing something here, or is something stuck in the works where I can't get to it?

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Re: Watch TCM app stuck at spinning circle.

Hi @the_future_blob

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community. 

We appreciate you letting us know about the behavior you're seeing when you are trying to stream the channel Watch TCM, along with all of the troubleshooting that you've done. 

If you are still unable to play videos from one channel after attempting the steps you have taken, videos from other channels play fine, contact the channel provider's customer support team to report the issue and get help. Channels on Roku are maintained by the channel developer themselves. In this case, there's likely an issue within that specific channel that needs to be addressed with an update from the channel developer.

Thank you for understanding. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.


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Re: Watch TCM app stuck at spinning circle.


Is it working okay for you now?

I had a similar experience a couple of days ago (same date as your post).  It cleared up on its own after a few hours.  I think TCM probably had a short term server problem.

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Re: Watch TCM app stuck at spinning circle.

If you have a sinkhole (like pihole) disable blocking temporarily and see if the app can contact the server. This fixed it for me.

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