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Voice over and spoken language annoying problems.

Two very annoying issues have just popped up that did not exist before, when using our Roku Devise to watch movies and TV:

1 - Whatever I do, there is now a feminine voice that tells me what I'm doing or what is happening.

2 - When I watch HBO's "Game Of Thrones" now, it ALWAYS comes up with the actors speaking Czech, not English like it did on the first 5 seasons.

I have tried everything, but nothing works.  Please advise me as to how to get rid of these two issues PERMANENTLY !




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Roku Guru

Re: Voice over and spoken language annoying problems.

@Bwana77 For the first issue go to settings>accessibility>screen reader and turn to off.

If you want to keep this from happening again go settings>accessibility>shortcuts and turn of the shortcut for screen reader.

For the second issue I don't have HBO so I can't help you.  Hopefully someone will jump on the second issue to help.

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