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Video freezing after commericals or shortly after start of streaming

Having issues with video freezing while audio continues. This occurs on Roku Channel, Fox Nation and Prime Video. Issue started a few days ago. In some instances video freezes shortly after streaming starts or with Roku Channel from commercial back to stream. Sometimes restarting stream or a quick fast forward will solve the commercial issue until next commercial. Just now for first time the screen went black when commercial started while wife was watch Martha Stewart on Roku (once commercials were done a quick fast forward brought back video).

Have had this Roku Express 4G only a few months and this is not the first issue. No issues with other Roku device on another television. Beginning to wonder if Ruko Express is worth the hassle.

Roku Express 4k+


Model: 394TX

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Level 8

Re: Video freezing after commericals or shortly after start of streaming

This worked for me.

Setting the display to the actual display resolution, and not automatic.
Settings/privacy advertiser turn off the personal ads.
Also in the privacy/advertising there is another item below “reset advertiser identifier.
Those steps fix my problems. I had the freezing issue come back after a few weeks that you are experiencing, and then I did the reset identifier and things work again.
I figure that I will have to do that every so often until roku fixes the problem
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