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Using ROKU media server with WDmyCloud

Using ROKU media server with WDmyCloud can't always find songs when moving from one song to the next?!? Roku device is hardwired (not using WiFi) and I've tried Rescan/Rebuild options for DLNA media server. Also, I'm not always getting JPG album image for all entries, but they do exist.

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Re: Using ROKU media server with WDmyCloud

Tried Twonky, but didn't like design/setup - Plex turned out better though - but connects though Plex server running on desktop - not directly to DLNA media server on network - lots of music/videos so not practical/useful to keep on desktop SSD. I will have to map music folder on WDmyCloud to desktop and use that a music folder?!? I see other apps supported - can anyone suggest a better app?

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