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Unable to add channels to Roku tv

So I have a Westinghouse Roku tv and I have been trying for days to add DisneyPlus, prime video, & Funimation. I am unable to add any of these channels on my Roku tv. They do not appear on my tv and when I find these channels on the myroku website or Roku app the add channel button is whited out, and I'm unable to add them. I have even tried to to add them using the channel code on the myroku website. It does find the channel but when I click add channel the website just says sorry unable to connect to webpage. I live in Texas so it shouldn't be my location preventing me. And I can not clear my cache because these were never added to my tv so I can't try that. If anyone can please help me I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Roku Employee

Re: Unable to add channels to Roku tv

Hey @NotaTechGuy

Thanks for the post. 

If you are using a Roku account that wasn't originated in the region in which you are using your device, you may encounter issues within a channel. i.e. If you are using a device linked to a different location, in the US or another region.

To resolve your issue, we would recommend creating a new Roku account. Since you're in the US, the account's region will automatically be set in the US as well. If you don't have any extra email address and you want to use the same email you are using at the moment, you can deactivate your existing Roku account then create a new one using the same credentials.

If you need help with the suggestions above, you can visit these links:

Let us know if this works for you!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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