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Level 7

Too Many Ads While Streaming??

I'm trying to stream my local news station now, turned it on 30 minutes ago, but so far all I have seen are ads. 30 minutes and counting of ads. And the same 4 or 5 ads at that, over and over. This is not normal! This does not ever happen while watching the same local news live through my cable provider. Can anything be done to avoid this? I'm getting ready for work, want to see traffic and weather but all I see are ads! Help!

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Level 14

Re: Too Many Ads While Streaming??

Can you please elaborate on how you’re watching your local news channel? Which Roku model do you own? Is it a Roku TV or a Roku device? Are you using your local new channel/app? Exactly what channel are you watching this on? Roku calls apps channels 

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