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The worst streaming experience EVER with BBCAmerica

First off I want to clearly state that I did not receive any errors, nor did I have any buffering issues.  The experience I am going to describe was deliberately done by the channel provider.  Using Roku Premiere+ (4630 series)  with OS 11.5.0 build 4225-29 & BBCAmerica Channel Ver 3.1 build 8. -AND- I used to be a paying subscriber of BBCAmerica until today.

Last night (10/24) I wanted to watch a new episode of a program that is created just for the BBC.
The episode was listed as being 87 minutes in total length.  I knew ahead of time that there would be ads every once in awhile just as if you watched it on cable or satellite.

At 10:15pm I opened the BBCAmerica channel and went to the program I wanted to watch and pressed play.  I was immediately greeted with a commercial for the new GMC SIERRA Denali EV which repeated five(5) times in a row. The program started, then just 80 seconds later the show was interrupted with five minutes of commercials which consisted of 10-thirty second ads.  (This should have been a hint for what was to come.)  The program resumed.  Another 80 seconds goes by and again I am assaulted with another ten commercials.  The same behavior continued to happen during the entire program where five minutes ads were presented after every 80 seconds of program video.  I finally saw the end of the program at 5:42am, a full seven hours and 20 minutes later.

Let me summarize that for you.  BBCAmerica added 330 minutes of commercials through out a 87 minute program.  That means the program was interrupted 66 times with 660 commercials total.  Then ad insult to injury there were six commercial breaks that consisted of the exact same HomeDepot ad repeated ten times in a row.  YES! That was sixty(60) times in a row.

I used to think that the amount of ads YouTube forced viewers to watch was really obnoxious.  Well YouTube looks pretty **bleep** inviting after last night.

I have deleted the BBCAmerica Channel.

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