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The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

I cant stand THE BLARING COMERCIALS , like why do that to your customers ? I dont care to listen to any ads just for that reason . Turn the vilume down yoi look desperate and guess what it makes me purposely feel like if that product were the last of its kind , id not buy it because I resent the Blaring noise it brings to mind ( Roku) 


Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

I am ready to stop watching, especially at night.  Wakes everyone up,  I can find other shows that interest me that don't blow my speakers on commercials.

Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

I agree. Commercials like, but not limited to Uber Eats and Jamieson Vitamins, are way beyond reasonable volume. I'll never give Roku money for anything while this continues. Its bad enough the options are so slim, waking my neighbours is not tolerable.

Roku can easily control the volume gain for everything they stream and maintaining a reasonable range universally should be standard practice.

More users should openly refuse to fund this kind of neglect.

Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

I'd also like to point out that its unlikely anything will change as this thread is well over a year old and we're still making the same complaints.

Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

One last thing; I have seen a few posts suggesting the volume can controlled by an audio setting for your TV. Well, it doesn't exist on mine, I checked and its still a Roku issue because its a Roku TV. I should have bought anything running Android OS instead.


Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

I’m SO TIRED of the loud commercials and it’s getting WORSE. I’m looking into an alternative to Roku and I now warn people not to get a Roku. 


Re: The Roku Channel: LOUD Volume on Commercials

Yes, it's very inconsistent. Sometimes it is more than double (14 to 15 notches on my remote) higher than the program on all of my ROKU tv's. It hurts the advertisers because we have to mute the commercials, which we might otherwise listen to. I love Roku, and have introduced many people to it,  Assuming it's not on purpose they need to solve whatever technical problems are causing this, as it's very annoying.    

Roku Guru

Re: Commercial volume, who is the provider for the Roku Channel?

I haven't looked at the Roku channel in a long time (I'm just not a commercial fan) but I believe last time I looked, one of the shows on was: "I dream of I Dream of Jeannie" which is definitely not a show created by or owned by Roku.  That said: I think you've already contacted "The Roku Channel".  Whether or not they act on anything you say is another matter.   Remember: when the product is free, you are the product.  If the customers are happy, then The Roku Channel is happy.  (To be clear: the customers are the ones paying.)  If you don't want the customers to be happy, then stop watching, and they'll notice the loss of product which will cause them to consider whether something should be adjusted.  Or try to get your congress person to introduce a bill that enforces volume level matching on the internet.

Reel Rookie

Please turn the volume down on the ads.

I'm watching Swedish dicks, great show by the way,but when the ads start you blast the volume up past the affective level up in to the you're pissing me off level.

The I'm going to kill the the Roku tv level.

Please turn down the ads.

I'm going to the fridge, not two blocks away from the house.


Reel Rookie

Re: Loud commercials

yes I am facing the similar issue with the irrelevant commercials that are appearing here please guide me to solve and remove this stuff from my account permanently.

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