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The Newsreader not in Canada?

Hello all, new to Roku. I saw the trailer for The Newsreader on Roku's YouTube channel and went to search for it on my Roku as the trailer said available in March, although the trailer was posted in early April, and now we're in May. Because there was no year posted, I assume they were just late on posting? Or maybe it's not out till March 2023? I've searched on Google and it seems many have already watched it. So I'm curious now if it's just not available in Canada. I've called Roku but the agent did the same as I had, searched Roku search only. I'm curious if there's maybe just a system glitch, as I had contacted the FilmRise channel about something similar and they found they had a system glitch that made their App not showing in Canada but it's been fixed now. Thanks in advance to any helpful replies

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