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Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

I set up my Roku and Tablo last month and both were working great.  Suddenly I'm having issues with the Tablo app.  I'm experiencing constant buffering on both live TV and recordings.  

I don't experience this issue with any other apps, only Tablo.  This issue has existed since at least 2019 based on previous posts and I have completed all troubleshooting suggested in those posts.  

Others have said the issue only exists when their Tablo is used with a Roku, so that seems to indicate the issue lies with Roku, not Tablo.  I don't have any other way to use the Tablo other than through the Roku.  Has anyone found a remedy for this issue?  It has rendered my Tablo useless. 



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Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

You view Tablo via the Tablo TV app installed on your Roku.

When problems are confined to a particular channel, it may be that the channel didn't install properly, that it didn't update correctly, or that the installation has otherwise gotten corrupted. A reinstall may fix the problem, so give it a try.

Remove/reinstall procedure:

  1. Highlight channel on home screen.
  2. Press * key and choose Remove channel option.
    [Note: If this is a premium channel to which you subscribed through Roku, "Remove channel" will be replaced by "Manage subscriptions". Click this and follow the prompts to unsubscribe from this channel. (Don't worry. You'll still have use of it for the balance of your pre-paid subscription period. You can resubscribe then if you like.) Now the ”Remove channel" menu item will be back and you can remove the channel. ]
    Restart the Roku to clear its memory. Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find "System restart" under Roku menu path Settings > System > Power or under Settings > System'. Without the restart to clear the memory you may not get a clean reinstall.
  4. Reinstall the channel. Note it will be added to the END of the channel grid.
  5. If channel requires a login, you may need to log in anew.

If the problem persists at this point, it typically means the current version of the channel app has a problem that must be addressed by the channel itself as they are the ones that create the Roku-compatible version of their app and provide it to Roku.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

I had done all of that last night based on discussion on other posts, but I just did it again, and the Tablo app is still buffering excessively.  When I select any channel, it buffers for 30-45 seconds before the channel ever shows content and then continues to randomly buffer as you're trying to watch the channel.  It does it on all channels and recorded content also.  

Others who have had this issue contacted Tablo.  Tablo offered a few suggestions like adjusting audio settings due to a possible conflict and changing some settings, but none of those adjustments have fixed the issue either.  I have even reset my Roku device to factory settings and started fresh and that did not fix the issue either. 

Other users who use the Tablo with different devices, like smart TVs or Chromecast or Firestick are not having this issue.  This is only happening for users who are using the Tablo app on a Roku device, which seems to indicate the issue is with the Roku's Tablo channel.

Roku Guru

Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

Just to be clear though, the Tablo App in the channel store says "developed by Nuvyyo" which is the company that makes Tablo,  so it's really Nuvyyo's Roku app.  That's good news really because it greatly reduces the opportunities for finger pointing.

Of course, it doesn't completely eliminate the possibility that there is a bug in the Roku platform and they are the only ones who have stumbled accross it, but, if so, that's something for their developers to figure out and report to Roku.

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Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

I have same issue just brought Tablo and it plays perfect on my LG smart tv but on both my Rokus it won't stop buffering. 

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Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

I'm sorry you're having the same issues, David571.  Good luck getting it resolved.  I did quite a bit of troubleshooting with Tablo for over a month and did everything they suggested.  In the end, nothing got resolved.  I currently have a useless plastic black box as a decoration sitting by my TV.   They told me the issue was due to my Internet and Wi-Fi and they couldn't do anything about it.   No other electronic device in my home has any buffering issues, including streaming and gaming that was occurring much farther away from my router.  However, Tablo support stood by their diagnosis and said there was nothing else they could do. 

The Tablo worked fine for about 2-3 weeks before starting the buffering, but that info was disregarded.  I requested to return the unit.  However, after the initial few weeks when it worked correctly and the time spent troubleshooting with Tablo support, I was told that I was outside of the return window and they refused to allow a return.  So thus I am stuck with the plastic decoration.  There are many, many complaints on this exact same issue, based on my research, and, to my knowledge, all are unresolved.  If you are still in the return period, I strongly suggest you take advantage of that and save yourself a big headache and your money.  

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Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

Only had the Tablo a few days but have tried it with 2 smart tvs, 2 Roku boxes and a ONN Android tv device.

I experienced no buffering issues with the LG smart tv or the Philips Android smart tv 

Also the ONN which I purchased yesterday at Walmart for around 20 US dollars worked great.

Only buffering issues I have experienced was with the 2 Roku boxes.

So I will just use my Roku for everything else and the other devices for Tablo.


Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

Have a Roku Ultra 2020 that worked great (including Tablo) until Roku's most recent OS update that started rolling out ~ Oct 2021.  

AFTER that Roku OS update though, my Tablo would buffer and disconnect every 15-30 min of either live or recorded content only when I was using the Roku.

If I view Tablo live/recorded content on my Android tablet, phone, or smart TV, there's no buffering or disconnection issue.  

I get perfect 5-green-dot signal on all my OTA channels, and I've followed the remove/reboot/reinstall on the Roku multiple times, with no improvement. 

Definitely seems like Roku's OS update wrecked Tablo app's functionality. Is there any timeline for Roku & Tablo teaming up to resolve this issue please? 

Retired Moderator

Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku


Thanks for the post.

Is Tablo the only channel that you are experiencing an issue with, or does this buffering happen with other channels?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Re: Tablo constantly buffering on Roku

@RokuDanny-R  A Tablo is an external hard drive. A DVR unit . It is not a channel. 

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