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TCM app not fully functional on Roku Ultra

I am a long time TCM app user on the Roku Ultra.  In about the last week I have noticed that most of the movies listed in the home section, both along the bottom row and in some cases in the top row (where there are only a few marquee titles) no longer have a PLAY button associated with it.  I can click on the movie icon and sometimes there is even a button for the "Host Intro" but there is no longer a button to actually play the movie.  When I go to the TCM app on my phone, however, the play button exists for the same movies.  The specifics are-I have TCM through YoutubeTV streaming, I use the Roku Ultra on several TVs and the play buttons dont exist on any tvs.  I have made sure my Roku is uptodate.  I have signed out and signed back into the TCM app on all devices and that has not resolved the problem

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Re: TCM app not fully functional on Roku Ultra

I'm having the same issue, except I subscribe to Spectrum. 

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Re: TCM app not fully functional on Roku Ultra

Same issue for me. I am in NYC area on RCN cable. Today has been the worst of the last few days.

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