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Spectrum TV app not working on two of my ROKU units

The Spectrum TV app on both of my ROKU units are not working. When I try to use the Spectrum TV app, it keeps saying to restart my ROKU and I get an RLP-999 error message. What is going on? Thanks.

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Re: Spectrum TV app not working on two of my ROKU units

Hi @whalerfan

Welcome to the Roku Community!

The error that you are reporting is an error code related to the Spectrum TV Channel, and not from the Roku device. I'd recommend reaching out to Spectrum support directly to report the issue and request additional support. 

For more information about this error code, you can visit the Spectrum support page here: Troubleshooting Error Codes on the Spectrum TV App & | Spectrum Support.

Many channels on the Roku platform are developed and maintained by the channel provider directly, and they'll be able to best assist. If other channels are working correctly, and you only experience this issue on the Spectrum channel (app), that is likely an indication that the issue lies within that particular channel. In these cases, the channel provider will need to investigate the issue in order to help resolve it.  

Warm Regards,

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