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Someone else is signed into Hulu with their account on my Onn. Roku tv



How is it possible that when I just went to the Hulu app on my Onn. Roku TV was someone else's account on my app  and her name is "Karmin" and I have no clue who this person is at all and I am so very confused as to how this happened when I'm the ONLY person who uses my Onn. Roku TV and ABSOLUTELY no one else. So how is this possible that she did that when this Karmin person has no way to be able to access my tv to be able to put in her Hulu login info to sign in. I don't think that you can do it from the Roku App either bit maybe there is a way you can. So can someone please help me because this has me so freaked out right now how someone can do this when they have no access to my Onn. Roku TV. And now it has me alittle scared and worried that if some can do that then what else can they do on my tv that I wouldn't even know about or anything like that

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Re: Someone else is signed into Hulu with their account on my Onn. Roku tv

I bought a streaming stick and it was signed in to somebody's Disney Plus.

I figure they bought the stick and returned it without doing a factory reset.

It even transferred their credentials to a new Roku when I upgraded.

Many thanks to them for not signing me out.



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Re: Someone else is signed into Hulu with their account on my Onn. Roku tv

@PitBullMomPride, when you got the TV did you link it to your Roku account or was it already set up and ready to go?  If you look at the email address displayed under Settings->System->About is it the one your Roku account uses?

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