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Re: SiriusXM app no longer recognizes username/password


Following up.. I just spent an hour and a half in a chat with SiriusXM to try to follow up on my original chat. Of course I couldn't be put in contact with the original rep I chatted with, and the new rep wanted me to start from scratch, and kept asking me for the model of my phone (I don't have a smartphone I told him, and this is not a phone issue).  Then he asked me for the error code (which there isn't one), then he tried to direct me to go to the app store, then he sent me an Android/Roku app downgrade link, then he told me that I need to use my username to log in to the SiriusXM app... Then he told me to contact the Roku team on this issue, then he told me to have Roku roll back my firmware.  Then he told me that Sirius US is blocked in Canada (which it isn't, it worked before forever and still works in a web browser).

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