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Re: Shows not having all the seasons available

I'm sorry I got frustrated with yoy but roku is giving me the run around. I've spoken with other people who are also knowledgable in this field and they disagree. 

There is nothing wrong with licensing. That's been checked already as well. It is not and I repeat again on hulus end. We have had the TVs effected even looked at. This is a glitch with roku recognizing things. That is something roku has to fix. I understand that apps are made by the company the app is about usually. I'm aware of that. But it's not the app itself that's the issue. You may not believe me but this is in fact a roku issue and I'm so very tired of them not even trying to fix and telling me to call hulu again. I've called hulu more than 10 times. It is not them. 

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Re: Shows not having all the seasons available

Just as an analogy, I’ve found a few Windows bugs over the years while writing Windows applications.  I reported the bugs to Microsoft and immediately started coding around the bugs because an update could be months or years away and some systems go unpatched for a very long time after an update comes out.  Telling customers, I couldn’t ship a working product because of Microsoft just isn’t an effective business plan.

Another time, I found a bug in a display driver.  And then I found the same bug in another display driver, and then another.  Then I got suspicions and looked at Microsoft’s device driver kit – yep – the bug was in Microsoft’s sample code, dutifully copied into a bunch of actual shipped drivers.  Hmm… report many bugs and hope or code around it – yep – code around it.

So, even if there is some so far mysterious handwavy thing wrong with Roku, I would expect Hulu to code around it.

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Re: Shows not having all the seasons available

Why should I have to pay for subscriptions with these apps(discovery+,BET+, paramount+) and etc if they are not showing this year 2023 or updated seasons 

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Re: Shows not having all the seasons available

@EvaDenise31585 because that is their business model. They own the content they are providing, and as long as it's not in the public domain, it has value. Besides, it costs a great deal to provide an acceptable streaming service experience, and they want to cover those costs. They are a business that has to make a profit for their "owners" (shareholders). 


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