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Re: Shocked and Dismayed "Real America's Voice" misinformation is promoted as if "new

OP was "shocked and dismayed" that RAV exists on Roku.  Also mentioned ONN (which I'm not familiar with).  Perhaps she meant OANN (One America News Network) ? OANN is a paid subscription, so maybe not.  Surely OP is not saying paid subscriptions should be banished from Roku, right?  Roku would not be happy with OP for that. 

Comcast recently dropped OANN from their cable offering.  Some say that 75% of OANN's viewership happens on cable.  That indicates to me that people like OP are enjoying a great run of success eliminating choices OP does not agree with.  OP is part of a movement to eliminate any opinion that do not agree with OP.  

I predict OP's attempt to eliminate RAV on Roku may eventually result in Roku forcing RAV to be a paid subscription, like OANN.  

The (kill all news we don't like) campaign will continue to fuel the movement to create a parallel industry for viewers seeking to escape the dominance of censorship.  I don't personally disagree with this shift in the industry.  With paid subscriptions, news like OANN are being paid directly by the subscriber.  This reduces the need for big Pharma advertising to sustain them.  I would happily pay an average of $ 5.00 a month directly to the news sources I seek, just for the privilege of not having to watch another drug commercial.  The percentage of drug commercials that dominate "free" news sources like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC is astounding.  Cable subscriptions cost an average $ 125.00 a month these days, to view those news sources for "free".  Roku allows those news sources to broadcast "free" to the viewer, without a subscription fee.  They receive their revenue directly from the "free" news sources, who receive their revenue directly from the powerful drug companies that sponsor them.  

If posts like OP's "shocked and dismayed" end up pressuring Roku to force RAV to become a paid subscription, as is the case for OANN,  I predict that anyone already paying for OANN would have no hesitance to add $ 5.00 a month for an AMAZING network like RAV (REAL America's Voice).  $10.00 a month is well worth the cost for OANN & RAV's quality independent content and completely eliminating the current bombardment of commercials by drug companies that dominate "free" news today.

The opinions and complaints launched by OP work to eliminate choice for people like me.  That work has contributed to the growing, strong and successful movement and construction of a parallel industry where people like me can eliminate drug commercials and censorship threat from people like OP. 

Upon further reflection of this thread, I am grateful for posters like OP and would encourage MORE complaints from them.  Their destruction campaign is critically important to our growing movement to establish a parallel news industry.  That parallel construction is thriving and providing value unseen in the news industry for many decades.  Thank you for your contribution to that success, OP.  I mean that.    

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Re: Shocked and Dismayed "Real America's Voice" misinformation is promoted as if "new

You're correct that you shouldn't watch what you don't agree with. Actually Real American Voice gives both sides.

However, always anytime. I would read the King James Bible and not Satan Bibles. As I am Born Again in truth... (My conviction and choice.) No compromising there. No doubt!

But the Real American Voice Station isn't there to promote just News as all do but truth and facts. The other sides of the Stories untold. Then let the people decide. They also pray with us and encourage us. Good news for a change.

But if you never knew what was lies? I guess you'd never know when the truth hits you. So it's good to know both sides. To do your own homework. And decide for yourselves. I'm glad to hear we all can here on Roku!

God bless all those who find truth. John 15:16

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Re: Shocked and Dismayed "Real America's Voice" misinformation is promoted as if "new

Deb4Christ - LOL I wasn't actually thanking YOU.  I was thanking the OP (original poster) for complaining that RAV exists and is promoted on Roku.  

But while I'm here, I will thank YOU directly, for your input.  Thank you !