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Reel Rookie

It's a shame they are doing awy with private/secret channels

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the ability to add private channels was the one thing that set Roku above all other streaming platforms. I wish they would reconsider.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: It's a shame they are doing awy with private/secret channels

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They won't. People were abusing the functionality, and for legal reasons Roku did what they did. Private channels were designed for developers to test new channels before releasing production versions. They were never supposed to be long term usage channels, and Roku is simply enforcing their long standing rules. It's no different than the way Apple controls the iTunes store and iOS devices. Android based devices are about the only ones that allow sideloading applications. 


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Banning adulttime & adult related channels

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OK so the only reason I ever came across Roku was because they were free from restrictions that most other boxes put in their units. Roku did not do this and rather embraced the adult industry using their platform for channels. Which was a smart move bc that brought a lot of business. Myself included. We are all adults and my wife and I enjoyed watching adult movies together from time to time to spice up our love life. After 15 years of marriage you find ways. But now instead of letting us do as we please with the boxes we a re paying 100s of dollars for they decided to put in more restrictions and now we can not get adult time on the roku. Well considering all tvs are smart these days I no longer have a need for roku. I had one for every room in the house that had a TV now they are going in the trash. Stupid business decision so why on earth did yall do that? Are yall the moral police trying to regulate what my wife and I watch in the privacy of our own house?