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Roku - please show us you care about us - work with VidAngel

Okay, I understand similar topics have been posted before, but this is a different spin on it.  I'm not asking for an explanation here, or lengthy debate.  This is simply a request to Roku to set aside any finger-pointing on all the reasons why VidAngel is no longer available on Roku.  Instead, please step up to represent your loyal Roku customers who would rather stream VidAngel on a Roku device instead of using a competitor's device.  I have no reason to use those other devices except for VidAngel.  All it would take is for Roku to reach out to VidAngel and say, "we're going to work together to get this done".  I'm confident VidAngel will do their part if they know Roku is engaged and actively collaborating to help each other out.  Whatever reasons have prevented it in the past, you can overcome those issues if you just commit and make it a priority.

Make it happen, Roku!


Re: Roku - please show us you care about us - work with VidAngel

Totally agree about VidAngel. We have several Roku devices & we’re also avid users of VidAngel. I don’t like using other devices, especially casting through my iPhone, in order to use VidAngel. This is my personal plea for Roku to resume inclusion of VidAngel in their App Store.

Re: Roku - please show us you care about us - work with VidAngel

I too agree with the comments above I really would like the angel to be available on Roku. I have to go go to another room to use a different TV device or my phone in order to use VidAngel. The free profanity filter that Roku offers is not as good as vid angel because Instead of filtering out, curse words, they would filter out an entire sentence or a line that the actor saying when it’s not necessary 

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