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Roku launches on Roku Channel instead of home screen

When I switch to the input channel that my Roku box is on, instead of getting the home screen listing all my channels I getting the Roku channel which starts playing a program.  I don't have anything to do with the Roku channel, the only time I've been on it is because of this issue.  I back out of it going to the home screen.  When I exit Roku I always back out of whatever channel I'm on to the home screen.  I suspect this is someway they are using to advertise the Roku channel???  I've looked for settings of a default screen but haven't found one.  How do I make it stop?


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Re: Roku launches on Roku Channel instead of home screen

Is there a difference if you use different buttons on the Roku remote to switch to its input (e.g. pressing Home or play or back)?

If you use the TV's remote to switch inputs, does the The Roku Channel open?

1) When you use the Roku remote to switch inputs, Its possible that the screensaver you are using has show or app ads that load the app for the show when you press play on the Roku remote - try changing the screensaver:

Setting/Theme/Screensavers/Roku digital clock/Set as screensaver

2) It's possible your TV's remote is sending an additional IR signal when used to switch inputs causing The Roku Channel to open - try covering up the front of the Roku to see if this is the case.


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