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Roku devices on same WiFi sharing log in information between devices

So way back like 6 months ago, I had an ex boyfriend sign his HBOMAX into a roku device in my bedroom. I just bought another device for the living room about a month ago and somehow it picked up the log in information from the other device for HBOMAX. So it’s logged in to that account but I don’t know the log in so I know I didn’t set it up and my dad didn’t even know who’s account it was so he couldn’t have done it. It did it on its own. It’s just weird. 
the one in my bedroom is a really old one that still uses component cables and the one in the living room I think is the Express+. 
any ideas on why it did this? 

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Re: Roku devices on same WiFi sharing log in information between devices

It's called single sign on. There are different ways that different companies implement that. Roku has the capability -- Apple TV devices do too -- to allow devices to automatically log in on all devices if an app is logged on on one. Not all apps utilize it, but some do.

They have to be on the same Roku account for this to happen. That means if Ex-BF took his Roku and left, but it's still on the same account as you (he on yours or you on his), if he adds an app, it gets added to your Roku. If he removes an app, it gets removed from yours. If you log in on an app, and the app utilizes single sign on, he can be using the app on your account.

Your personal life if your personal life, but no one I know that qualifies as an "ex-" of mine in any way, shape, or form shares a Roku account with me. 

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Re: Roku devices on same WiFi sharing log in information between devices

Thank you! It’s all my roku account and both are at my house. He just signed his HBOmax into one of mine and I never use the roku in my room so I forgot about it. But that answers my question perfectly. Thanks! 

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