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Re: Roku channels

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Okay, I don't have any of the packaging for these TVs.

I'll check the settings menu.

Thank you!

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku channels Live TV Guide Listing

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@atc98092 atc98092:  I've read through your replies to this and wanted to thank you for being so helpful to everyone! 

Now I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to anywhere on Roku website or here.    I don't have a TV and only want to 'tune in" on my computer.  I would LOVE to find a TV Guide Channel listing with day & time schedule of shows by channel.  "HOME Screen" viewed on a browser does not have any tile that says 'Live" for me to click on. 

Do you have any idea how or even if I can see the Live TV Guide listing on the webpage I've got open on browser?  A Thousand Thank Yous if you can answer this one!! 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku channels Live TV Guide Listing

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@50Plus thank you for your kind words. I have an answer, but it's probably not what you want to hear. There's only a few options to view live TV on a Roku player. There's no way to add a TV tuner, so you can't watch something by simply connecting an antenna. There are a handful of channels available on Roku that offer live TV from some source, but they may or may not be your location stations.

Locast is the closest to a live TV tuner for Roku, but they only cover a couple dozen geographical areas. It's free, although they do suggest and accept donations to keep them going. If you don't live within a covered area they will not let you stream, and it's enforced by your public IP address location. If you do live in a covered location, they offer every single TV station within that area, including all sub-channels. From the times I've looked at it, they appear to offer a quality signal for the stations. I get good OTA reception myself, so I don't use Locast. But if I didn't I would gladly give them $5 a month for the service. 

Does Locast offer a channel guide? Their web site does, so chances are it's available within the channel as well. It doesn't cost anything to try it, as long as you live within a covered area. 🙂


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