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Roku automatically starts when I change cable TV channel

Successfully connected a Roku Express 4K+ to my Sony Brava TV. I have Verizon FIOS cable TV. The Roku uses the HDMI 4 port & the TV uses HDMI 3. After completing the connection I switched the input back to cable TV. When I attempted to change the cable TV channel it immediately switched to the HDMI 4 input automatically launching Roku. Instead of landing on the Roku home screen it defaulted to the first channel that I do not subscribe to in order to start a subscription. 
I have reset the device and reconnected it and the problem persists. 
I then removed the Express 4K+ Roku and reinstalled my Roku Premiere device. The problem does not occur with my old Roku Premiere device.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku automatically starts when I change cable TV channel

I don’t recall any description quite like this before, but a couple of ideas:

On your Roku, try going to settings> system> control other devices (CEC)> and uncheck 1-touch play.

(I can’t figure out exactly how the subscription comes into this, but possibly if a screen saver with ads was active and it was advertising that channel, that might explain it.)

If that doesn’t fix it, another possibility is that you have one of those unfortunate cases of IR code overlap, where both the Roku and the cable system may be reacting to a cable remote button.  If that’s going on, you could hide/cover the IR sensor on the Roku since you have a Wi-Fi remote for that anyway.

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Re: Roku automatically starts when I change cable TV channel

I was experiencing what appeared to be the indentical problem. I found both suggestions fixed the issue. I opted for the "unchecking" option

Thank you

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