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Roku Photo Stream does not display my uploaded photos

I installed "Roku Photo Streams" this morning (Version 1.43 build 8b56fa4).

I used the on-screen app and QR code to create my photo stream account using my smartphone. I then downloaded ten photos from my Google Photos account. Roku created a stream of the ten photos and confirmed that the stream is now my selected screensaver. When I select the channel however, it only plays the Roku stream (tall trees and beach). I couldn't find any solution on community forums that fixed the problem.

I deleted the channel and did a System Restart. I went to the Roku Photo Streams website, logged in and deleted the first stream I created. I then used my laptop (not my smartphone) to upload 2 photos from my laptop (not from Google Photos). The stream was created and Roku once again confirmed it is my selected screensaver. Whether I select the photo stream channel or simply let the screensaver start automatically, only the Roku stream of tall trees and the beach will play. I again checked to make sure I have the most recent version of the channel.

When I select the Roku Photo Stream channel from my lineup, it doesn't see the stream I created and urges me to create one.

I don't know what else to try.

Thank you,