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Roku Media Player won't play shared files on local network

I have a library of video files stored on a Windows 10 desktop PC. The folders/files are shared to the local network and the PC's internal DLNA server has been setup correctly., as other devices can stream content from it.

I've been using Roku Media Player, version 5.5 build 9 to play these files on my TCL Roku TV. It's been clunky and buggy from the get-go. But lately it has become non-functional.

New video files using the same h264 codec and format as previous videos no longer play. RMP thinks about it. Tries for a couple of minutes and then gives up.

I know these players are low priority items, but this sucks.

Any suggestions for remedies, fixes, alternative approaches, third party apps (free ones) would be much appreciated.

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Re: Roku Media Player won't play shared files on local network

You might want to look into Plex.  I know there's a Windows version and I'm pretty sure you can do everything you want for free and you'd be able to dump RMP and all its bugs and frustrations.

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Re: Roku Media Player won't play shared files on local network

Thanks for replying so quickly!

I know Plex and I had it installed & running on this setup last year. I found the graphics and organizational aspects incredibly impressive. But it kind of seems like overkill. "I'm had a flat tire, so I purchased Goodyear." And if I recall correctly the app always seemed more interested in getting me to stream content off the web and tried it's best to steer me away from streaming my local files (because who makes money then?) Trying to get it to stream my local files always seemed like a trick - and one that was tough to repeat.

But should no better options present - Plex, it is!

Thanks again!   

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