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Roku Media Player stops playing video file midway through

Hi, I using Roku Premiere+ 4630 with RMP 5.5 b8. When streaming video files from my own media server, some videos will play for anywhere between few minutes to half an hour and then stop playing before the end of the file and go to the next video in the same folder. So far, this only happens to blu-ray rips that are around 15-30GB. It doesn't seem to be audio related as some of the files will play all the way through and has DTS-MA or DTS audio encoding. This only happens to certain files. I have ripped all of them the same way using MakeMKV. DVD rips play perfectly fine. Is it file size related? But then some large bluray files play all the way through. Plugged in or using wifi, I get the same result. In fact, it always stops playing at the same point for each file. If i fast forward past that point, it will play the rest of the video.

Anyone else seeing similar symptoms?

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Re: Roku Media Player stops playing video file midway through


Thanks for the information.

I have passed along your concerns to the appropriate team to investigate further.


Danny R.
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Re: Roku Media Player stops playing video file midway through

any feedback on this? I am hitting the same issue

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