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Roku Channel Ratings are wrong!!!!!!

Hey! Just because the series features Minecraft doesn't mean it should be on the "kids" side of things.

The show Monster School is rated G and featured in the kids section. 

I just sat down with my kid to watch how "weird" it is per my kid, only to find the show using the middle finger and dropping the F bomb.

Rated G!!! Take this sh*t off the channel. Episode 9.

Who needs to be told to fix this? I will delete the channel and block it completely if I continue to find this type of error.

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Re: Roku Channel Ratings are wrong!!!!!!


Can you provide more information about specifically the episode in question. I'm not familiar with any of this stuff, so searching for "monster school" returns a lot of items. I have no idea which of the 66 results it is that contains the offending material.

So, what is the app that contains the content in question?

Once in the app, how does one locate the content in question?

Assume people have no idea what you're talking about and need to be guided through the maze of stuff.

Perhaps additional eyes on the content will help identify and understand what happened and how to resolve it.

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Re: Roku Channel Ratings are wrong!!!!!!

My kids just found this and the name is Best of Monster School.  It's S1:E9 Crook v Boss Pt 6.  The middle finger is used at 2:40.  They use the F-Word at 3:32.  It's shows like this that I can't stand the Roku Channel.

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Re: Roku Channel Ratings are wrong!!!!!!


Thanks for the post.

It looks like the content rating for that show is TV14.

For more information about parental control, visit our Support page here: Restrict content with parental controls


Danny R.
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