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Random return to home screen or restarting.

I have a brand new 65 inch, Onn/Roku TV I just purchased.  I bought a new TV because my old t. V, which was a Hisense roku TV was returning to the Home Screen. Now I have a new one doing the same thing. I've done all the little tricks and tips that have been suggested in this community. I think this is a roku issue. I am losing faith in the roku product. I'm very disgusted with what I'm going through. It seems to happen when watching anything except live TV.

Dear Roku, please fix this issue for all of us dealing with this problem.


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Re: Random return to home screen or restarting.

I don’t see any earlier posts about your problem, so could you be more specific on “seems to happen when watching anything except live TV.”  With so many apps on Roku, people have wildly different definitions of “anything” on Roku.  (Sometimes “anything” turns out to be any channel within a single app.)

I have seen some apps that are buggy and they can cause a random restart or a jump to the home screen.

Also, if you want to check for hardware defects, I’d suggest a Roku Express or Express 4K.  These are cheap and much easier to buy and move than TVs.

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