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Re: [UN]RESOLVED - The Weather Channel (TWC) App Crashing when loading

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Uninstalling TWC app, resetting roku and reinstalling TWC did not fix the issue. The issue only occurs when a show was not fully watched and is in the continue watching section.

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Re: [UN]RESOLVED - The Weather Channel (TWC) App Crashing when loading

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KrisL:  Yup.   

Thx for the comment. Yeah, I tried asking things on another couple of threads too (like "Weather Channel - Highway thru H*LL On-Demand sends back to Roku Home Screen") but didn't get anything that helped   Another user (HeatherFlower71) on that other thread reported the same problem this week.

So, the steps of (a) canceling the subscription, (b) removing the channel, (c) Power restart (either unplug or do it using the menu), (d) adding channel back, (e) logging back in, and (f) even RE-subscribing useless. Nothing useful from Weather Channel streaming support by email (the only way to have any contact with them as I know of)....just sorry, please be patient, etc. I mean, it's been a week already....

I had about 5 different Roku Support tickets (chats) that didn't do anything. The 6th ticket of today was actually USEFUL....they gave me a full refund!

Sad....we really wanted to watch those shows.

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