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Reel Rookie

Prime Video will not load programming

Prime Video will not load programming.  When I pick a movie or other program to watch I get a black screen with a rotating circle.  This continues until I eventually get a message saying try again later or contact Prime Video help.  I tried all the fixes suggested by Prime Video help and none resolved the issue so they think the problem is with Roku.  So far, chatting with Roku help and talking with an agent via Phone has not helped either.  I have tried all the fixes suggested by Roku help but the problem still persists.  As it stands now, I am paying for a channel whose programming I cannot load.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Prime Video will not load programming

This is happening to me too and the issue is starz, max, Peacock, as well as prime video. So this is a Roku issue. How do we fix it?