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Reel Rookie

Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye

Hi Roku,

I am using the Roku Streaming Stick+ HD|4K|HDR. (Model:3810X and version:11.0.0 build 4184)


I am living in Turkiye but i can't add channel app Prime Video because it doesn't exists. Also 14th of June, Disney+ will be available in Turkiye. How can i add Disney+ channel app.

Thank you.

Roku Guru

Re: Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye

Roku is currently not supported in Turkey for full capability. Sorry, this is not what you want to hear, but I guess you bought abroad and self imported or had some non-Turkish website ship to you.

Roku device will work, but not all channels will be available.

The device (and account website) will show you the "rest of world" version of channel store. Which does not include Disney+, as you have found.

It will be decision of Disney (and other major channels) whether to list their channel in the "rest of world" channel store (probably not, Disney+ is not global). Not a Roku decision, Roku is just a platform for content providers to use.

Netflix is one of the few major streamers who does list in "rest of world". Unsure if Roku channel does.

There is no master reference list easily accessible to show which channels are available in which country, so I can't easily check.

Many smaller channels enable all countries by default (although sometimes won't serve content after install.

List of supported countries (also in main Roku Terms on support website, one EULA doc per supported country).

Not a Roku employee
Channel Surfer

Re: Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye

Yes and Prime Video too !! 

Please fix this Roku.. 1.5 years ago i open ticket like this for Prime video but no one working for this issue...

Roku Guru

Re: Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye

Hey @magut

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.

Please be advised that Turkiye is not an official supported region for Roku that is why you are unable to add Prime Video and/or Disney Plus. 

Any Roku Player or TV can be activated to any Roku account, however, channel availability/access will vary from region to region. Channels that are currently available in any given region are certified for the Roku devices sold in that region. 

We appreciate your understanding.

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
Channel Surfer

Re: Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye

so can i fix this any other way? Like using vpn ? can you help me about that?

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Prime Video & Disney+ for Turkiye


Roku allows the app developers to support, or not support, apps anywhere.

If the app doesn't work there, that's the app developer that made the decision.

Be aware that most, including those you mention, choose to not support in regions where Roku itself isn't supported. You're in a region where Roku isn't officially sold or supported.

If you want the app to work there, communicate that to the developer, not to Roku. Roku isn't the one stopping it from working.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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