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Post missing from Roku Community

Yesterday I posted a message about the Roku Channel which I had installed on my PC.  I was having trouble with streaming programs freezing and constantly buffering in spite of a good internet signal.  

I read multiple articles and tried all the suggested fixes.  Nothing helped.  I couldn't even get the automated chat.  So, I posted a message, asking for help.

Now, the next day, the message is non-existent.  This forum doesn't make it easy, but I have searched for hours and can't find it, much less an answer.  I gave up on talking to a real person.  Does it usually take this long for a post to show up, or am I being ignored? 

I don't own a Roku device yet.  However, I'm beginning to wonder about getting one.

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Re: Post missing from Roku Community


I sincerely hope there are strong benefits to using this forum software on Roku's side.  On the users' side of things, I don't care for it. 

More than once I've thought I posted something only to find it was saved as a draft for some reason.  Click on your icon at the top right of the page to view your account, then scroll down to see if you have any drafts saved.  You can click on a draft to view it, then edit and post it from there.

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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
If this post solves your problem please help others find this answer by clicking "Accept as Solution.".

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Re: Post missing from Roku Community


Thanks.  I find it confusing also.  I checked my account, but see no saved drafts.  In fact, I wrote a reply to a post about an hour ago, and it's not on the site either.  I'll wait a little, then try again.

I may have messed up the first one myself.  I was already signed in to the channel, but didn't know you must sign in again when you change screens.  You must also choose a screen name.  Of course, I found out about all this afterwards.  The site just let me type and listed me as "anonymous". 

That's probably why it didn't work, but the people who run the site obviously don't care.  Apparently they expect customers to already know what they're doing or figure it out on they're own.  I've learned very quickly not to expect much help. 

Besides, I stopped trying to fix it.  It seems the "Roku mobile app has limited streaming capability".  I found what I wanted on another website.

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Post ignored from Mary and otherd

I have been on here forever trying to find someone who will follow through. Gave all my info back in early March. Will someone please respond to me. 

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Community Moderator

Re: Post ignored from Mary and otherd

Hi @JoeDeb23,

Saw your post!

We appreciate your effort in following up on your RMA ticket-related remote issue and we're sorry for the delay in the solution.

We can see that you’ve been in contact with our Support team regarding your remote concerns. Rest assured that we’ve escalated your support request. Keep an eye on your email, a member of our support team will be in contact.

Thanks for your patience regarding this issue.

Best regards,

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