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Pornhub/Mature&Adult Content on ROKU

I'm not a fan of censorship. Nobody should be a fan of censorship. I've been outraged since Roku decided to act like a bunch of Mormons and ban adult content from their streaming service. Shame on you!!! All of our TV's have parental locks on them, we don't need the company deciding for us that we can't watch adult content. As ADULTS can and WILL decide that for ourselves. Not YOU!!! 🖕



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Roku Guru

Re: Pornhub/Mature&Adult Content on ROKU

There are numerous threads about this. Roku did NOT ban channels because of adult content. Those adult channels, and many pirated movie/TV channels, were ABUSING the original beta test system of using a code to add in a channel. They replaced that with a better beta testing system that limits the number of beta users and how long it can be used.

Roku Guru

Re: Pornhub/Mature&Adult Content on ROKU

@CJC_205  Plug your laptop into your tv. It’s as easy as that 

Roku Guru

Re: Pornhub/Mature&Adult Content on ROKU

Roku is conveniently using the excuse that they are not banning porn itself, only banning all private channels and it's not actually an attack on porn. Well people need to stop apologizing for Roku, the company knew exactly what they were doing, they are censoring adult content with a loophole. Trying to say at the same time it isn't what they are doing, that it's only about uncertified channels.

None of those adult channels were in the channel store and could not be easily accessed or added by mistake. Adults should have the freedom to decide if they want adult channels on their streaming devices or not, the company should not be deciding for us. The solution is very simple, do not purchase any more Roku devices/products in the future. There are other streaming devices like Amazon Firestick/FireCube for example that do not censor adult content and even have far more features to unlock and use, which makes these Roku devices look like a child's toy in comparison.