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Re: Pluto TV guide won't come up

The current version of the Pluto TV Roku app does not work with Roku 3 hardware / firmware (or anything of a similar or earlier vintage).

EMail to their "support" link results in a canned reply that (paraphrased) "The problem has been fixed by Pluto TV engineers and uploaded to Roku. Try reinstalling to get the latest version." This has been their standard "response" for months now.

Any additional information or questions sent in reply is ignored. There is never any follow-up.

Removing / reinstalling the app is the ONLY way for it to work again, and that only survives until you close the app / open another one.

I can only conclude that:

1. Pluto TV has written off anyone not using the latest Roku hardware.

2. Pluto TV has no real "support" department, but likely just an overworked developer or two who might check email and social media on occasion to make sure the app isn't dead for everyone.


Re: Pluto TV guide won't come up

The Pluto app also misbehaves on AppleTV hardware.

On my Roku TV it slowly degrades in responding to the remote until the TV spontaneously reboots.

On my Apple TV the Pluto app just gets slow to respond but I can always exit back to the Apple Home Screen.

On both devices exiting to the device home screen and starting up say Youtube, everything still works fine, indicating the OS is not degraded. 

Both devices are up to date re: OS and app versions, regularly rebooted and on fast fiber internet.

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Re: Pluto channel unresponsive to remote control

Alright, I've accidentally found a trick: Hit OK on the remote a couple of times.  Sometimes responds when I hit it only once, other times requires the second click.  I've done it enough over the past few days to make sure it ALWAYS responds after touching OK.  

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Re: Pluto TV guide won't come up

Never had the channel change but I do hate their randomness of commercials. Just leave them where the show has a spot for them. No need to cut in the middle of something.

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Re: Pluto TV guide won't come up

The channel never changed, but I hate how random these ads are. Just let the scene be where it is for them. There is no need to cut anything in the middle.

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