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Playback on the Roku Channel - note for the developers

I downloaded the Roku channel on my smart TV, specifically to watch Zoey’s, and found the playback unbearable - the rewind and fast-forward in particular. Why has Roku made it so difficult to use? Have the developers never used other apps/channels to understand how poorly this was designed?

 First, you have to click the down button, then to the right or left, then enter, then back over to the center, to hit enter again to stop, or up to click on a still shot of the movie. It’s never really clear how far back or forward you’ve moved and I’ve certainly gone way too far most times. Mostly I want to go back ten seconds to hear what someone said but always miss the mark because of its lack of simplicity and inability to determine how far the video has moved. 

Why make it so difficult? How about at least a simple right or left click to move? 
Hope they fix this because this could be an awesome streaming channel…but, until an improvement has been made, this has certainly discouraged me from streaming the Roku channel again. 

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